Waves of people. . . by stephen olker

Dear noobs... by stephen olker

If you don't know... now you now... twiber.

Dick's tweetup is always Sunday. The last day of summer. On the grassy knoll.  From about 5pm through showtime. Bring your face, and some beers, and some party favors, and free hugs. It's all good. We will have all of the fun. Trust. 

Safe travels. See you guys on the knoll.

Mad love,


PS - We will post updates from @phishtwibe.

PPS - Look for the flower

Chicago Tweetup by stephen olker

via @appleFYF & @jenren216

Will Mike do another drive by at the 2014 @phishtwibe tweetup? Stop by and find out for yourself.

Let's meet at the same spot as last year - on the lawn at the Adler Planetarium, just south of the Spiral Galaxy sculpture, starting at 5pm on Sunday, July 20, 2014.

Look for hosts @appleFYF & @jenren216 holding the traditional twibe rage flowers.

See you there.

golfcart picture courtesy of @JesseMixMan